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Non Executive Directors / Council Trustees


Non Executive Directors / Council Trustees

Governance Structure

We have 3 main governing bodies in the group including the Council of the Consumers’ Association, Which? Limited Board and Which? Financial Services Limited Board. We also have a Corporate Leadership Team and a number of committees including remuneration, nomination and group audit and risk.

The Council

The Council of the Consumers’ Association is the ultimate governing body of our charity the Consumers’ Association. Our Council has responsibility for agreeing the overall group strategy, which in turn guides Which? Limited’s Board as it oversees and sets the direction of our commercial activities.

The Council is made up of 9 elected members and up to 6 co-opted members. majority of Council members are directly elected from our membership. They are responsible for the continued success of Which? and the achievement of our charitable mission.

Which? Limited Board

The Which? Limited Board is responsible for overseeing and setting the strategy for our commercial activities. The Board works closely with Council to ensure all of our work helps to further Which?'s mission to make individuals as powerful as the organisations they have to deal with in their daily lives.

The Board of Which? Limited is appointed by the Council and currently consists six non-executive directors and two executive directors.

Which? Financial Services Limited Board

Which? Financial Services Limited is a company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and its principle activity is to provide a mortgage brokering service through Which? Mortgage Advisers, offering the best deals on every mortgage from all available lenders.

The Board of Which? Financial Services Limited currently consists of six non-executive directors and one executive director.