The future of work at Which?

As we return to the offices this summer, what will the future of work look like at Which? and what do you need to know if you are considering joining us!

The future of work at Which?

Over the last year, like many organisations, we have learned a lot about remote working and we think Which? has adapted brilliantly and continued to deliver for consumers. We are now looking at what this means for us at Which? and the future of how we will work. There are lots of details to work through, however, if you're thinking about joining us we’ve outlined our current thinking and our thoughts of how we think this will look in the future.

Returning to the office

Given current restrictions and the need to protect everyone we aren’t planning a large scale return to our offices before the beginning of July. We will continue to review in line with government guidelines and we’ll adapt if and be flexible if the landscape changes. This means if you join us between now and the start of July you’ll be working remotely.

The move to hybrid working

We know some of our colleagues enjoy working from home while others are keen to get back to the office and for many it’s a mixture of both. From July we are introducing ‘hybrid working’, which means that if you join us, you’ll have the flexibility to combine the two in the future. We won’t expect you to work in the office five days a week unless your role demands it or it's what works best for you.

Being together face-to-face will be just as important in the future as it’s always been, so we will expect everyone to work in the office for part of the week at least. The split will vary from person to person and role to role, but we expect the majority of us will work 2-3 days per week in our offices on average.

There are lots of questions still to answer about how this will work in practice and we know that we won’t get it all right at the beginning and that together we will need to test and iterate as we go. So, to answer these questions we have a great team busy working through this for us!