Who is ‘Digital?’

We’re the people behind pretty much everything ‘Which?’ you’ll see online.
We choose the most compelling stories, develop engaging campaigns and build consumers the tools they need to make informed decisions. We code, write, wireframe, design, analyse and bring people together to make it all happen.

Whether they’re backend or frontend, writing React or headlines, everyone in digital has a few traits in common. We’re knowledge hungry. We’re hands on, and in our element when we’re figuring out a problem, or learning something complicated.

We’re creators and collaborators. We’re agile and especially good at dealing with different teams on multiple projects while getting the best from each other. Digital has the most varied scope in our organisation and some of the most impactful projects, making it one of the most exciting to work in. We cover 12 websites, tens of services, hundreds of tools, plus our mobile app.

This is the team leading our ambitious five-year digital transformation plan - the official name for our drive to make sure Which? continues to fight consumer detriment far into the future.

Join us, and you’ll be a part of building that future, changing the face of Which? and making sure our message is delivered to all.

Our game is always changing. We always want to be ready.

Looking forward is in the nature of what we do. We’re good friends with the digital community, keen to share ideas with like-minded (and different-minded) people and try new things. We’re wide open to suggestions.

We have meetups and host speakers and industry leaders in development, design, digital publishing and more.

We’ve recently been to Pycon, Brighton SEO, Women in Tech and DevOps Days London. We hold monthly brunch and learns, offer team training, and grab any opportunities we can to polish our skills by taking external courses and certifications.

We’re a not-for-profit driven by mission, not money.

At Which? you’ll know all your day-today efforts are all for the greater good, while gaining essential experience as part of a busy and driven team

We’re independent, raising our income through our own ventures. This means we’re a serious contender when it comes to salaries, and offer one of most generous benefits packages around.

Not only that, we genuinely believe Which? is an all-round great place to spend the working hours of the week. Our teammates care deeply about what they do and our enthusiasm is unrivaled.

Our spaces are open-plan, bright and bustling, set up for creativity and collaboration. There are quiet places for the times you just need to get stuff done. We enjoy weekly free lunch, have genuine work-life balance, and spend summers on our roof terrace, although we can’t always guarantee the weather.