Meet Vahid, one of our junior Salesforce system administrator's...

We sat down with Vahid to hear about how he has developed his role at Which?

How did you start your career at Which?

‘I joined Which? in August 2010 working part-time as a sales and service adviser in the member services centre. This helped support me financially whilst at university and improved my customer service skills. After finishing university, I stayed at Which? and was then offered a one-year secondment in the Service Support team.

‘Having always had a strong interest in technology I was offered another secondment towards the end of my first, this time in the IT team as a support technician which eventually turned into a permanent role. I stayed with the IT team for several years, working my way up to become a senior technician before moving into my current role.’

How did you go about building your career within Which?

‘Networking and building relationships was a key part of building my career and working in IT has definitely helped. It has enabled me to work with people from across the organisation and I’ve also developed a lot of new skills. These have included problem-solving, prioritising, listening, questioning and working under pressure, all of which helped when it came to applying for my current role.’

What are some of the benefits you’ve found in changing roles?

‘For me, the main benefit has been gaining new skills. When you start a new job you are often pushed out of your comfort zone, whether it's learning new systems, processes or developing your people skills. Furthermore, it has helped me learn how to adapt and be ready to tackle new projects and personalities. I’ve also found that the opportunities you get working with different teams and building relationships will help teach you new things.’

Do you have any tips for anyone thinking about changing their career path?

‘Know your strengths! The great thing about skillsets is that they are transferable across so many roles. For example, if you’re a good technician then you can generally work on any piece of technology, allowing you to adapt more quickly to new systems such as Salesforce.’

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