As the UK's consumer champion, diversity is key for us to be able to truly represent all UK consumers.

Here’s an overview of what you can expect from your experience at Which?, including our various diversity and inclusion engagement activities to ensure we have an inclusive culture, where everyone can be themselves...

We have recently launched our diversity and inclusion vision at Which?

Which? champions all UK consumers, which means understanding, representing and reaching all kinds of people. Our culture embraces difference and makes everyone feel included, giving us the best chance of coming up with new ideas so we can make the biggest possible impact for everyone.

As the UK consumer champion, it’s important that we reflect diverse perspectives, identities and backgrounds to drive positive change. We want to create an environment where diversity and inclusion becomes self-evident in all levels across the organisation, in all business activities, and in the way we collaborate with each other, members and partners. Here are some ways we are achieving this...

Employee run networks and communities

We have a number of active communities and networks at Which? We also leverage Slack, our internal collaboration tool, to facilitate conversations and networking on key topics through ‘slack live’- these are of course open to everyone.

LGBT network

Started in December 2017, our LGBT network at Which? is an opportunity for LGBT employees across the business to meet and socialise. We organise informal social gatherings such as post-work drinks and lunches and work-place initiatives around LGBT issues such as LGBT History Month and Pride. Across each of our offices, we have an LGBT network representative.

Parents Network

Started in 2020, the parents network was formed initially to support with the challenges of parenting and working from home during the covid pandemic. It has since grown into a great network providing support and resources to our parents at Which?

Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Workforce

The diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategic task force was formed to develop the D&I people strategy and delivery plan and includes volunteers from across the organisation who are passionate about contributing to our diversity vision.

They have recently developed sub-groups, one to look at diversity and measures we want to see improved and the other to focus on developing a more inclusive environment.

Anti-Racism commitments

As part of our work to make Which? more diverse, inclusive and reflective of UK society and the consumers we represent we established eight anti racism commitments.

Let’s Talk Events...

As part of our Let’s Talk series we invite speakers from Which? And externally to share their personal experiences across a range of high impact topics. In recent moths we have arranged talks for all Which? Employees on topics including Black Lives Matter, allyship, disabilities in the workplace and Black History Month.

If this sounds like the culture and workplace that you want to be part of, join us and be part of the change!